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The AIDS Immunopathology Unit was set up in 2000 at Instituto de Salud Carlos III under the leadership of Pepe Alcami. Our work aims at the comprehension of the pathogenesis of HIV-1, the causal agent of AIDS, and from this knowledge contribute to the development of vaccines and new drugs. Welcome to our group.


The human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), causal agent of AIDS, was isolated in 1983 and since its discovery, an amazing research effort has been made to achieve treatment and control of this infection which represents the great pandemic of XX century and, by the moment, also of XXI century.

We can claim that HIV is the best known of all viruses, but research on AIDS far from being completed is continually raising and being challenged by new questions. In this scenario, our group is interested in the interaction between viral envelope and receptors that allow its entry into the cell, and the mechanisms by which HIV is able to remain latent in the infected cell. More recently, we have initiated new work lines about genetic mechanisms of progression of HIV infection, and the functions of restriction factors that protect our cells against viral infection.

Our research allows us to better understand this virus, but also to generate technological tools useful for the diagnosis of patients and to identify new pharmacological targets in order to design new drugs and vaccines. Because of this perspective, our work has allowed the generation of patents and partnerships with pharmaceutical and biotechnological companies.

The limits of AIDS research are not established boundaries and they extend to other areas of knowledge. The findings we obtained are in many cases important to other diseases like cancer, rare diseases or inflammatory disorders.

Modern research demands a multidisciplinary teamwork and global cooperation is indispensable. The AIDS Immunopathology Unit is integrated in Spanish and European research networks and cooperates with groups of international prestige. These partnerships allow our group to study further our findings and open new lines of research.

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